Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Roof Inspection

March 29, 2022

Rain, cold, wind and heat take their toll on roofs, leading to weathering and damage. However, most homeowners remain unaware of the damage to roofs until the signs become visible. By then, the damage is beyond repair, and you may have to spend a larger amount to get the roof replaced.

So, is there a way to monitor roof damage? Is it possible to extend the lifespan of roofs?

Regular inspection and maintenance can help keep your roof working at its best for years. Experts recommend hiring roof inspection services in St Augustine once or twice a year. This helps assess the damage level of your roof and conduct necessary repairs on time.

Reasons to have a roof inspection

A regular roof inspection will keep your roof in good condition for a longer time, as well as help with warranty claims.

Here is a list of reasons why having your roof inspected is a great idea.

1)   Stay safe from harsh weather conditions

Storms, heavy downpours and strong winds can accelerate the wearing process of your roof and lead to cracks, holes and rust. A roof inspection will precisely assess the damage and enable you to carry out repairs so that your roof always provides optimal protection from the elements.

2)  Ensure the safety of your family

Roof damage can affect other parts of your home. It can cause water to leak into your ceilings and walls. Excess moisture levels can damage walls and create safety hazards such as a short circuit. If you notice leaks from your roof – however minor it may be – get in touch with roof inspection services in St Augustine immediately.

3)  Protect your home from unwanted visitors

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your assets and your loved ones from intruders. Weakened or damaged roofs can be easy targets for burglars. If there are weak spots in your roofing system, a roof inspection will help uncover them.

4)  Warranty protection

Roof warranties vary from one company to another. Sometimes, the damage sustained by your roof may not be covered under the warranty policy. Getting a professional damage assessment of the roof will help understand if you are eligible to file a claim. 

Additionally, most warranty policies insist that homeowners get their roofs inspected regularly to enjoy warranty coverage.

5)  Facilitate proper drainage

If water does not drain off your roof, it can quickly damage your roof and lead to multiple leaks. During regular evaluation sessions, roof inspection services professionals in St Augustine remove leaves, debris, twigs and other trash accumulated on rooftops. This enables proper drainage and ensures that your roof stays free of damage in the long run.

6)  Better looking home

Roof inspectors can correctly estimate if it is time to replace your roof. Replacing an old and rusty roof with a new one can dramatically improve the overall look of your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to your walls and your house will look brand new from every angle. 

Get your roof in St Augustine inspected

Your roof may look fine, but sometimes damages may not be evident. Hiring roof inspection services professionals in St Augustine, FL, is a reliable way to be sure there is no hidden damage. Roof inspection professionals are trained to evaluate your roof thoroughly and identify the faintest signs of damage that you may easily miss. After the inspection, they will provide a report on the damage and an estimate of repairs. Get these repairs done immediately to protect your home and your family from the elements. Buying a new home? Having the roof inspected must be a top item on your list. And if you already own a beautiful home, keep it looking great for years by having the roof inspected on a regular basis. Call us on (904) 842-4093 or Contact Us to schedule a roof inspection.

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