Before & After

Metal Roof Replacement

St. Augustine Shores Shingle Re-Roof

This St. Augustine roof was old and needed to be replaced. The homeowner called J. Adams Roofing to come and help. After careful selection the homeowner chose Amber colored Owens Corning shingles. The home has a brand new look and appeal to it!

Ribbed Metal Roof Replacement

Here is a before and after photo set of our metal roof construction.

St. Augustine New Shingle Roof

This home was ready for a new look. The customer chose Owens Corning Black shingles. The roof looks great and has a brand new look!

Palm Coast Shingle Repair

This Palm Coast customer lost several shingles due to Hurricane Matthew. Before the problem got any worse they called J. Adams Roofing.

St. Augustine Skylight Replacement

This skylight had been on the roof for awhile. It was time to be replaced. Our experienced team took care of replacing the skylight as well as fixing some rotten wood.

Jacksonville, FL Commercial Roof Leak

This Jacksonville, FL business owner was experiencing leaks inside his business. He turned to J. Adams Roofing to find a solution to eliminate this problem. GACO Seam was used to seal all leak areas. This business can now operate at full capacity and not worry about their inventory being damaged.

St. Augustine New Shingle Roof

This St. Augustine customer knew it was time for a new roof. They chose the beautiful Estate Gray Owens Corning shingles to replace the existing roof. From there our crew quickly took action to rip up the old roof and install the new shingles. The homeowners really appreciated how we kept them informed every step of the way!

Jacksonville, FL Roof Leak

This Jacksonville, FL homeowner was experiencing a leak in her home. J. Adams Roofing came out to inspect the problem and found lots of damage to her ridge cap. Our crew removed the damaged materials and replaced everything with brand new materials. Now the customer can put their mind at ease knowing there won’t be anymore leaks.

Jacksonville Pipe Replacement

This homeowner was experiencing leaking around her pipe vent in her Jacksonville, FL home. J. Adams Roofing replaced the pipe and installed a barrier to prevent water from getting inside and causing damage.

Roof Replacement in St. Augustine, FL

This St. Augustine, FL homeowner was not happy with their unsightly roof. After one of our professionals completed an inspection, J Adams roofing installed a beautiful new asphalt and metal roof that they loved. We’re here to help you with all your roofing needs!

Rooftop Deck Repair

Here we show you the before and after construction of a Hydro Stop deck!

New Construction Roof Installation

Here’s a before and after of a new construction roofing project in Jacksonville using 30 year architectural shingles.

Metal Roof in Downtown St. Augustine

The homeowner was ready to give this quaint home a new and refreshed look. A 26 Gauge Galvalume Metal Roof was installed for its durability and longevity.

New Asphalt Shingle Roof in Ponte Vedra Beach

A Ponte Vedra Beach homeowner knew it was time for a new roof. After our first visit to him he decided against having other companies give him an estimate. J. Adams Roofing gave him a beautiful new Asphalt Shingle Roof!

St. Augustine Tile Repair

This business owner called upon J. Adams Roofing to seal some cracks on their Tile Roof. GACO Seam Seal was used to fill in the cracks eliminating any future leaks.

Elkton Vent Repair

Don’t let a small repair like this go. Just a few simple screws and caulking can save you lots of money and unnecessary repairs.

Elkton Metal Roof Before

It was time to replace this Elkton roof. This customer called J. Adams Roofing to get the job done. The customer chose to move forward with 26 gauge galvalume metal.

St. Augustine Roof Repair

The roof over this customer’s St. Augustine porch had a large amount of rotten wood. After replacing all of the wood the customer chose to cover the roof with Metal panels. The customer can now put their mind at ease that everything is fixed and they don’t need to worry anymore!

St. Augustine Wood Rot Roof Repair

This St. Augustine homeowner noticed a leak in their roof. After sending an inspector to look at the leak it was determined there was wood rot and damaged flashing. J. Adams Roofing was called in to save the day. We were able to take care of this repair and leave the roof as good as new.

St. Augustine Roof Vent

This customer wasn’t getting enough ventilation in their St. Augustine attic crawl space. J. Adams Roofing installed a brand new vent and now the customer has the piece of mind they need.

Metal Roof Replacement in St. Augustine, FL

This customer lost several shingles due to Hurricane Matthew. After meeting with our highly qualified team our customer went with a Gulf Coast 26 gauge metal roof. The roof gives the home a brand new look.

St. Augustine Flat Roof

The St. Augustine, FL homeowner was experiencing a leak. After a complete roof inspection the entire roof needed to be resealed. Our team of experts came to the rescue getting the roof cleaned up and putting the new sealant on.

St. Augustine Roof Vent

This St. Augustine customer wanted to replace a power vent with a ridge vent. J. Adams Roofing replaced the vent as well as replaced the shingles in that area.